How to re-open my profile? How to re-open my profile?

How to re-open my profile?

Closed Account:

If you previously closed your profile, you can re-open it by contacting customer support and the support agent to re-open the account.

OlyBet Self-Exclusion:

If you previously set the status of self-exclusion on your OlyBet profile, then it will be possible to remove it only after the set time-period has passed. If 12 months have already passed since the status was set, and you want to re-open your profile, you need to log in to your OlyBet account and contact us in the live chat with a request to remove the self-exclusion status or send a request via your registered email address. Our support team will be happy to help you.

Governmental Block:

If you have excluded yourself from gambling via governmental block, you will need to wait until the selected period of Self-Exclusion is passed. Once it is passed block will be removed automatically and you will be able to continue using OlyBet services.