GGPoker basic troubleshooting GGPoker basic troubleshooting

GGPoker basic troubleshooting

Performing a clean installation:

Performing a clean installation ensures fragments of old app versions aren't preventing your updates:

  1. Uninstall the game in the Control Panel
  2. Open Window Run (Win + R)
  3. Type %appdata%\[OlyBet]
  4. Delete [OlyBet] folder
  5. Download a new installer and proceed to install GGPoker's app
  6. GGPoker's app can be downloaded from here.

If specific text prompts are shown upon login, please search their error numbers or specific text displays in our FAQ to see if a fix is included for your issue. If you didn’t find your error in our HelpCenter, please contact the support via chat or email


Disabling your antivirus to resolve installation issues:

Failing a full clean installation fix, disabling your antivirus, or attempting your installation using an alternate ISP or access device may help to circumvent the issue.


Clearing Cache to resolve installation issues:

Where a clean installation was performed and did not yield the desired result, clearing the cache across all browsers may circumvent your installation impediment and grant a successful installation.