How to activate the limits? How to activate the limits?

How to activate the limits?

According to the website rules, to start playing it’s necessary to have enabled at least one self-limit. The limits are activated immediately after it is confirmed. You can always later change the selected limit in the account settings.

There are different options for setting self-limits in your account section "Self limitations".

  • -‘’Overall stake limit’’- the total amount of all bets made within 24 hours from the moment the limit was set.
  •  ‘’Deposit limit’’-the total deposit amount limit within 24 hours \ week \ month - the maximum amount of deposits that you can make during the selected period of time.
  • ‘’Single stake limit’’- the maximum amount of one bet (applies for casino and sports betting)

For example, you have activated an ‘’Overall stake limit’’ limit of 100€ per week on the 14th of July at 21:15. The initial limit will be active until 21:15 on the 15th of July.

You can set a preferred limit HERE.

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